Scrap Metal Dealer  Brakpan

Our Slogan is ‘Go green or go home!’. We are a company that is determined to make our mark and help save the environment. Scrap Metal Dealer Brakpan  are a scrap metal recycling company that just wants to save the planet.

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Our planet is such a fascinating, magnificent place, so why not make our stay on it last as long as possible. The more Scrap Metal Dealer  Brakpan develop as humans over the years, the more we have destroyed our environment. New inventions come out all the time and old ones get pushed aside. We are all for developing into the future, but we only want that in a way that doesn’t totally wreck the Earth. The higher the demand for certain products the more raw materials need to be produced in order to create these products. Some companies create their products the green, environmentally friendly way, but some don’t, so our company exists in order to help curb the hazardous habits of those companies that do not operate in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our scrap metal company goes around to schools, businesses, factories, shopping centres, airports, hotels and restaurants and educates them about recycling scrap metal. Scrap Metal Dealers Brakpan make it our mission to find those establishments that do not recycle and educate them about all the perks and try to get them to start recycling. Scrap Metal Dealers Brakpan  know that to most people if they do not receive any personal benefit they will not go that extra mile to go out of their way and recycle, so we come with incentive.

Scrap Metal Dealer  Brakpan have many generous donors that help make our scrap metal recycling company possible. Scrap Metal Dealers Brakpan have thousands of recycling bins donated to our company every year so that when we find a new company that is not recycling their metal, we offer them a free bin to be dropped off on their premises. We also offer free collection of the metals they put into that bin.

– Aluminium Brakpan

– All non ferrous metals Brakpan

– Tungsten tips scrap Brakpan

– Nickel scrap Brakpan

– Lead scrap Brakpan

– Bronze scrap Brakpan

– Scrap metal iron Brakpan

– Aluminium Brakpan

– Scrap brass Brakpan

– Copper Scrap Brakpan

– Stainless steel scrap metal Brakpan

– Scrap yard Brakpan

– Steel scrap Brakpan

Lastly Scrap Metal Dealers Brakpan also offer them payment for all of the items that they put into these free bins. Scrap Metal Dealers Brakpan offer these establishments so much that it almost makes it impossible for them to say no to Scrap Metal Dealers Brakpan.

Once an establishment agrees to go green with our company, they are added to the record list. The more establishments we get on board with us , the more the donors donate each year to make it possible to help make our country as green as possible. After we collect each establishment’s scrap metal we take it to one of our closest scrap yards and begin to strip, clean and recycle the metal into products that the establishments can reuse. All of the equipment and tools we have at all of our sites have all been generously donated by our donors. Our donors also have the same goal as our company so they ask for nothing in return except to get more people on board.  If the establishments do not want to buy back the new products we have created , we have an excellent sales division who will find other people or companies to buy the products. We even have an online store where you can browse through all of the products we are selling and purchase as many as you would like. There is also an option on our website to get in contact with us if you would like to become a regular buyer, so that as soon as we have the products that you desire, they will automatically get sold to you.

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